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Extend the transport and shelf life of live seafood.

Revamp your seafood transportation and holding

with DistanSea's Pro ART product and enjoy:

  • Fresh seafood in distant locations

  • Up to 80% reduced shipping costs

  • Up to 50% lower operational expenses

  • A decrease in carbon footprint by as much as 90%

Experience the simplicity, efficiency

and revolution of Pro ART.

Why and How?


In 6+ days trips, high ammonia and microorganism concentration develop quickly in the tanks, causing high mortality rates. Without treating the Seawater it is impractical to ship live animals on such trips.

Therefore, long-distance shipments are done via Air Freight, at very high costs.

DistanSea has developed a dedicated chilled container with a state of the art sea water treatment systems in order to enable long (duration) shipments.

Our unique technology has been developed for controlling the concentration of the metabolic wastes (ammonia, feces, dissolved organic matter and CO2) emitted by the live seafood and for minimizing the organic matter (including microorganisms) that develops in the holding water during the transport.















System Features and Benefits:

  • Unique material that passively absorbs the ammonia created by the animals.

  • No human intervention during the journey. 

  • Low footprint (Takes only 5-10% of the container real estate)

  • Most suited for cold seawater creatures (e.g. King Crabs, Oysters).

  • The exhausted material undergoes regeneration at the service facility and can be thereafter reused. 

  • Fast ROI via shipment cost reduction.

  • Carbon emit reduction by 90% (compared to airfreight).

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