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Easy ART

Add-on to any existing solution

This solution fits best to live seafood shipments of six hours to 5 days. 

Embed DistanSea's ‘Secret Beads’ inside the holding tanks.

Remove a significant fraction of the ammonia that is emitted by live animals.

Double the Bio-Density and

decrease operational and shipping costs by 50%

Replace the cartridge with fresh ones

once per trip or after a few days.

Simple. Efficient. Non-Intrusive. 


How does it work today?

Short-distance transport (6 hours to 6 days) of seafood, is performed today using chilled containers.

Each container (depending on size) holds 10 - 20 “small” 1 - 2 cubic meter tanks.
Each tank is constructed from multiple drawers that can hold around 150 kg of live animals per m3 (depending on the specie).

Such shipments are carried out via ships (e.g. Scotland to Spain), trucks (e.g. H.K. to Chongqing) and

trains (e.g. Boston to Dallas).


The Problem

In short periods, a high ammonia concentration develops quickly in the tanks, causing stress to the animals, weakening them, and creating an odorous environment.

Such conditions may also affect the color of the animals.

The fact that the animals are weak at the end of the journey forces the traders to sell them rapidly and at lower prices.


The Solution - Easy ART

A “simple” solution that is focused on absorbing a large fraction of the NH4+ that forms in the tanks.

our adsorbing material, packaged in a Cartridge, can be easily embedded in any existing live seafood transport solution or a holding facility, with a very low footprint.

It creates a nontoxic environment for the animals, resulting in low mortality rates, and strong and healthy animals, even when the bio-density is considerably increased.

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