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Revolutionize the Live Seafood Industry with DistanSea's Innovative Technology

Extend the Shelf Life of Live Seafood by Up to 45 Days with Our Patented Water Treatment Solutions.

DistanSea is an innovative company developing groundbreaking water treatment solutions to extend the shelf life of live seafood by up to 45 days. Our patented technology removes harmful ammonia, enabling efficient and cost-effective long-distance shipping and

long-period holding, while ensuring exceptional quality and freshness, reducing shipping costs and minimize carbon footprint.
This translates to significant benefits for the entire seafood supply chain, from catch/hatchery to plate

Our ART (Ammonia Removal Treatment) product line utilizes a unique, ground-breaking composite material to continuously remove harmful ammonia excreted by live animals in the container water.


Our solutions are adaptable to different species, quantities, and time frames, covering the entire supply chain from fishing (catch) to serving (plate).

Our Value Proposition:

Higher food quality; Higher density; Lower mortality; Lower Shipment Cost

✔   Decrease Expenses and create higher margins in existing markets

✔   Increase Revenues by lowering mortality rates

✔   Increase Revenues by opening new trading opportunities

✔   Immediate Gain with excellent Lease terms

✔   Simple to Use and Simplify the entire operation

✔   Lower Risk of crop loss due to prolonged healthy environment

✔   Carbon footprint Reduction by 45% to 90%

Our Team members are four exceptional experienced professionals: Asaf Lahav as CEO, and three top-notch scientists covering all Water, Aquaculture, Agriculture and Environmental relevant aspects.

We are committed to delivering world-class water treatment innovative solutions that will change the way LIVE seafood is shipped, contained, and delivered.

Today's Solutions
Air Freight. 
Frozen, Chilled

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The Future 

Live Shipments

air frieght.png


High-density Live Seafood transports are

inefficient / not possible with today’s technologies


Short distance - inefficient

Long distance - impossible

Seafood such as lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, and the like, are premium products all over the world. The potential revenues from selling live premium seafood are significantly higher than the revenues that can be obtained from frozen or chilled fresh products. Nevertheless, most premium seafood is not sold alive because of the technological challenges associated with the live shipment.

With the currently applied technologies, most live-species commerce is done in a delivery range of 24-hours from the port of origin. Only a small fraction is being shipped for longer periods (1-10 days). The latter live shipments are performed at a relatively low bio-density which increases the cost per kg shipped.

The reason for the low densities is the toxic metabolites that accumulate in the water and the microorganism load that develops during the trip. Moreover, a 10-day shipment (including loading and unloading) range does not constitute inter-continental transport and therefore impedes the global trading of many live seafood species that may have a huge demand in distant markets, such as Maine Lobsters (US to China) and Chilean King Crabs (Chile to Japan).

Even on a 3 to 6 days trip, a toxic environment may develop (unless the bio-load is overly low) that affects the quality of the shipped merchandise. On medium and long transport periods a high concentration of ammonium forms in the holding water, weakening the animals and often propelling a change in their color and smell, thus inducing a short shelf life. Such effects lower the product’s quality and force traders to get rid of the product rapidly, at lower prices.


We develop novel seawater treatment solutions designed to:

  • Increase the quality of the transported live seafood – when animals reach their destination port, they arrive as fresh as possible and in a good condition: healthy and strong, with no significant bio-mass loss, no color change, and no strange odor.

  • Increase the time left to sell the product. Post transport, the live seafood can be easily preserved for a long period allowing traders to sell them at an appropriate market time.

  • Increase the bio-density of live seafood that can be shipped in a single container (at least double the bio-load).

  • Increase the distance that the shipments can travel.

Our Ammonia Removal Treatment (ART) product line is built on an innovative, one-of-a-kind composite material that continually removes the toxic ammonia produced by live seafood.

In addition, our company produces patented, self-contained systems for use in chilled food containers or holding facilities. These systems feature essential components for ammonia and microorganism control, significantly extending the shipping/holding duration and amount of seafood that can be stored.


Our solutions are fully flexible in terms of species types, volume and duration, supporting the entire supply chain from CATCH to PLATE:

  • Easy ART

    • An Add-on to existing transport and holding facilities.

    • Designed to treat the toxic Ammonia that accumulates in the tanks.

    • Used by holding facilities, distribution centers, and live transport companies to treat the toxic Ammonia that accumulates in the tanks.

    • Can absorb ammonia for up to 6 days without human intervention. 

  • Pro ART 

    • Comprehensive water treatment system:

      • Ammonia Removal​

      • Microorganism Control

      • pH Control

      • Oxygen enrichment

      • CO2 stripping

      • Temperature control 

    • Applications:

      • Long-distance and extended-duration transports (up to 45 days)

      • Holding facilities and Logistic centers

      • Supermarket aquariums

    • When to use:

      • When transporting live seafood for more than 6 days

      • When holding live seafood for extended periods

    • Usage:

      • For transportation: in a dedicated chilled container

      • For holding facilities: connected to tanks in the facility

      • For supermarket aquariums: a compact system that operates without human intervention for 30 days.



Local ART 

Easily embedded into

Live Seafood tanks 
used by transport and holding facilities

Up to 6 days 

Pro Art

Complete water treatment solution for preserving 

Live seafood 

utilized by transportation and holding facilities.

6 to 45 days 

Recharge art

A device that efficiently recharges our beads,

capable of recharging beads for 1 to 5 standard-sized containers.



Who We Are

ori pic3_edited.png

Prof. Ori Lahav

Head of Environment Water and Agriculture Division

Civil and Environmental Enginering
Technion - Israel Institutinn of Technology

asaf phote.png

Asaf Lahav


Business Development

Industrial Engineer

raz pic_edited.png

Dr. Raz Ben Asher

Research Associate at the Technion

Marine biologist with experience in designing and operating aquaculture projects,

PhD in Environmental Chemistry

paz pic_edited_edited.png

Dr. Paz Nativ

PhD Environmental Technology at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Research Scientist at Purammon Ltd.

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